I have taught English for over 7 years and host two English podcasts. I am always interested in what struggles or problems English learners have when learning English. Please let me know what struggles you have and I will try to comment below with ways to fix it. Ask me anything.


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Hi there, Can you explain the grammatical reason for the use of "If i were" instead of "If I was".
Thanks in advance.


Hi teacher :)

I have a question. I am reading the listed topics of writing essay and wondering. Some of them are set in the form of question, right? For example, 'how you would spend a million dollars.' I wonder why they don't add question mark in the end of the sentence? and change the position of 'would', which should be added before 'you'?

Or is it not a question? and what else it shoule be called? affirmative?

Thank you in advance :)

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Hi, I am Bulgarian, I have graduated English Language School 15 years ago, now I have a toddler and I am trying to teach him English. I have tried to speak to him in English but I failed. I tought him all the animals, the noices they make, and I am trying to teach him some verbs. Can you give me some advice how to proceed from here. I really want him to speak and understand English as a bilingual language.

Thank you!


Hello there,

I don't always have issues while I speak English however there are times when I struggle speaking or rather constructing a sentence in English. I have always been praised for the fluency however at times I realize that I am not able to speak or write proper English at all (I am struggling to even write at the moment).

I am sure if I try this tomorow I'll have no issues whatsoever but it is annoying when I really struggle with English


I'm an English instructor and I have tones of questions regarding the teaching methodologies, if I may ask, I would like to discuss some of these things on a convenient time. thanks in advance.


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Hi, i'm just studied English. so, I am not good at English.

But i appreciate for this thread.

Anyway, I have a question.


I wonder which of the two sentences is awkward and why.


- Another way to speed up the process would be ( made ) the shift to new system.

- Another way to speed up the process would be ( to make ) the shift to new system.


Thank you.


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Hi Ron,how to use the correct form of the verb for correlative conjunction (neither..nor,either..or,not onl..but also) and verb for indefinite pronouns (none,all,some,any,majority,most,half). I still confused about it. Thanks for your help.


When using the correlative conjunctions of “neither…nor” and “either…or,” you must maintain pronoun-antecedent agreement. Remember that an antecedent is what the pronoun is replacing. Sometimes correlative conjunction pairs connect two antecedents and a pronoun is used later in the sentence. The second antecedent must always agree with the pronoun that follows when certain correlative pairs are used. If the antecedent is plural, the pronoun must stay plural. If the antecedent is singular, the pronoun must stay singular. Consider the following examples:


Neither Brittney nor the sisters understood why her parents said no.
Either the cousins or Sasha should speak up when they disagree.


Neither Brittney nor the sisters understood why their parents said no.
Either the cousins or Sasha should speak up when she disagrees.

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