I'm from Iran. I like to speak english fluently. One kind guy introduce here to me, that's why I am here! I need native speaker to practice with her/him.


if yall need someone to help you out, talk to me

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I'm Fairuz from Malaysia. Also want to improve my English - spoken and written. Kindly contact me on Whatsapp - +60199631957.

Thank you.


live:yogeshlohar1 here is my I'd I also want to learn


I'm from Lithuania, i looking any people to practice english language.

This my contacts:

Skype: postal657

Discord: postal657

Email: gadux@hotmail.lt


Lanki 210
For Talk to ENGLISH Contact +91 9742402348


Hai my name is periyasamy i need to speak english any one help with me


Hey guys,

I am from Germany and I would like to improve my English by practicing with a native speaker. I can help you learning German or russian.


I am from India and for me also need someone to speak in English. If Anyone interested please message me in WhatsApp so that we can discuss in English. +918897959392


Dangi 160
Hi my name is Dangi .I want to make a group for talk in English who want to add comment your number


Hi everyone.. I also want to speak in english.. And I want partner to practice with me in english. If anyone is interested then we'll speak on sky . My Skype id is --live:.cid.995d0be7caf0f56c


Hello... i want someone to speak with me in english..... my whatsapp number is +923419337989

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