What is important elements to have to build a proper sentence such as verb to be, adjective and others.. Pls help me to explain.. Thanks

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hi tiffy,

really appreciate your guidance and explanation :)


za 140
the car crashed


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Your sentence must have a subject and a predicate.

For example: The building collapsed. (building - subject; collapsed (predicate-verb)


You should also take into consideration the 8 parts of speech so that you will have a better guide.

Parts of Speech


any abstract or concrete entity; a person (police officer, Michael), place (coastline, London), thing (necktie, television), idea (happiness), or quality (bravery)


any substitute for a noun or noun phrase


any qualifier of a noun


any action (walk), occurrence (happen), or state of being (be)


any qualifier of an adjective, verb, clause, sentence, or other adverb


any establisher of relation and syntactic context


any syntactic connector


any emotional greeting (or "exclamation")


source: wiki

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