all the members/all members of my family like to do sth. I don't know which one is correct. using "the" after all or not.

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Sorry Di but in this instance I don't agree. "All the members of my family enjoy Christmas" sounds natural. So would "all my family.....", "everyone in my family" or "all of my family...."

"All the people in our class at school went to lunch at the same time" "Almost all English people fail to understand English grammar" "Everyone at work drinks a lot of tea" "Not all of my friends use Facebook"

The construction "all members" is reminiscent of a notice in a social club, eg "all members must pay their annual subscriptions by 31 December" or "all members are requested not to smoke". I don't think I've seen in anywhere else.

Incidentally, your question itself had one "the" too many - before the word sentences..... lots of English students get caught with that one

0vote I see: you are asking whether to leave "the" or not. Answer: "The" signals that the noun is definite, that it refers to a particular member of a your case there are all members of your family. No article


Hello...I don't quite understand your question...

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