Which is the difference between these words "Miss and Ms"? I mean "Ms" refers to single or married women? in Spanish "Señora o Señorita" or both? If it is possible show me some examples about its use. Thank you!

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Ms - a married or unmarried woman

Mrs - a married woman

Miss - an unmarried woman

Ms is used out of courtesy when we do not know the marital status of the woman, or if she prefers the title.


Ms is pronounced Mz (no vowel) and is considered the only non-sexist way to address to a woman of any age: Mrs is as in Mr's = the one belonging to the Mr... However, precisely for the same reason, it is sometimes used with a despising tone or attitude... so it is always risky and must be used in the proper social context...


In my opinion, since when someone uses 'Ms' she or he is not indirectly mentioning the marital status (as it happens with the use of 'Mr'), the use of 'Ms' can be considered a way to avoid being male chauvinist.


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how do we pronounce?


It is usually pronounded "miz".

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