Discerning whether an email correspondence is formal or informal is an important step in writing an effective email marketing piece.


A job application

An email from one company to another company

An email to a customer 

An email to your manager

A complaint to a shop



A birthday greeting to a colleague

A message to a friend on a social networking site

An email to a colleague who is also a good friend

A social invitation to a friend at your workplace


Some things to avoid when writing formal emails:


Colloquial words: “wanna” (want to), Y’all (You all)

Contractions: Can’t, Didn’t, Haven’t

Clichés: I will have email you the report in a jiffy. Vs. I will email you the report as soon as possible.

Abbreviated words: ASAP, lol, P.S

Imperative words or sentences: Stop, Do this, Go ahead


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