When do I use BEEN and when do I use GONE. Can you explain it to me?

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If someone says "Ali's gone to Afghanistan" it means Ali is still in Afghanistan, however if someone says "Ali's been to Afghanistan" it means that Ali had a trip to Afghanistan and now he is back.


"She's (she has)  BEEN at my house before."  OR, "she has BEEN a good friend for many years.

"The pretty house that was on the corner is GONE now".                    "She is GONE now, and I miss her dearly "


have been vs have gone-

If you say sby has gone.....  you mean That the person is still there, but if you sby has been , the person has already come back.

Mike has been to Paris. =He went to Paris and came back.
Mike has gone to Paris. = He's in Paris now.


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