there is a question in my mind that why we say pre-intermediate and after intermediate is upper intermediate?

I mean why don't we say lower-intermediate and upper-intermediate or in another case we can say pre-intermediate and post-intermediate but we use one from each.

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ahenus 11540
Hi there,

I understand why you are puzzled but don't overthink it. There is an already formulated practice about naming levels so feel free to use any of these. However, post-intermediate didn't stick because I guess you are not post-, as in over it, but above it (could be superintermediate then :)). The way each level is named differs according to institutes that use them, some say breakthrough/threshold/vantage/proficient, others apply the terms basic/independent/proficient. It's up to the exam centers or institutions what they choose but basically they refer to the same.


Здравствуйте. Как правильно определить уровень? есть тест или по  другому можно?

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