I have tried color coding them: Der with red, Das with green, Die with blue it does not seem to be working.

I have tried associations like Joker with Der, Drindle lady with Die and robot with Das but then there are so many words like lecture, regret, ...... which are difficult to associate.....

I would appreciate if ypu suggest some ideas, which might work for me!

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Practice. Association is part of the process, but memory relies also on repetition. People have studied the exact time intervals the brain needs for memorization. I suggest daily exposure to a short list of words, and after a few days quiz yourself. I make a 2- column table with gender on the left, then hold a piece of cardboard over the column. After 2 weeks, perhaps, start a new list but review an old one. Mix easy and hard words, that's more fun for the brain.


The only help I could give is many are the opposite to the French Gender!


Nouns are accompanied by their articles der, die, das, which indicate if the nouns is a masculine, femimine or neuter word.

Die Frau - the woman - die = feminine

Der Mann - the man - der = masculine

Das Mädchen - the girl - das = neuter

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