Supermarket Conversation


Our fridge is empty.

We need to buy some food.

Let’s go to the supermarket.


We need to take a basket.

Would you like to carry the basket?

Ok, here you are!


What do we need to buy?

Let’s look at our shopping list.

We need to buy some fruits and vegetables.


Let’s find them and put them into the basket.

Ok, have we got everything we need to buy?

Yes, our basket is full.



Supermarket Vocabulary


Aisle: A passage between the rows of shelves in a supermarket.

Assistant: A person who helps other people (the shoppers).

Cart: A large basket on wheels for carrying shopping (US English, same as trolley).

Cashier: The person who works at a check-out and takes the money (same as check-out operator).

Check-out operator: The person who works at a check-out and takes the money (same as cashier).

Check-out: An exit where payment is made for the products bought.

Queue: A line of people who are waiting for something.

Security guard: A person in charge of shop safety.
Self-service: A system designed for serving yourself.


Dairy section: Milk, yogurt, butter, and cheese

Produce section: Fresh fruits and vegetables

Frozen food section: Ice cream, pre-prepared meals

Bakery: Bread, muffins, cakes

Deli: Sliced meat and cheese for sandwiches

Ethnic foods: International foods

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