What is the difference between due to, as a result, given that , according to .? Thank you

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These are all explanations of why something happened, or, in the case of the first three, why things did not happen. In the same way you might use 'because'

Due to (because of) the storm, we were unable to have our picnic by the beach. As a result of (becasue of) the storm, our picnic by the beach had to be cancelled Given that the weather was so bad, (because the weather was so bad) it would have been foolish to picnic by the beach.

According to is a little different. It means someone said. According to my teacher, only 60% of students pass first time (my teacher says.....) According to the weather forecast, tomorrow will be stormy.

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due to or because of - it talks about the cause of a problem or a situation

for example:
He lost his house due to the earthquake.
He lost his house because of the earthquake.

as a result - focused more on the results of the cause - it is similar to "due to" & "because of"

for example:

The young man's house collapsed as a result of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit his province last week.

given that - certain factors are given or assuming something

for example:

New team members will enjoy the benefit of having an overnight stay in a luxury hotel given that the budget for team building project will be approved.

according to - basing or referring to someone's idea, sentence or information; it's different from ones provided above.
for example:

According to the reports, the man died because of vehicular accident.

I hope this explanation helps. Keep practicing English especially if you are taking any type of English proficiency exams like the IELTS and TOEFL.

according to


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