How your english teacher can improve you?

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tiffy 7350

in terms of what? if you are not satisfied with her teaching strategies, you can always suggest. remember, if it involves your learning, you should also do your part. Study on your own, not just depend on your English teacher alone but you can ask for other's opinions.


Astheart 2940
And.... again, the same wrong view... :( Guys, realize that English teachers (in fact, any teacher) cannot improve your knowledge in any way! Teachers are not magicians! Teachers can explain you new topics, troubled points, do some exercises to help you to "store" it in your mind but, it is only up to you if you learn or not.


She can't. You can't improve a human being. You can't improve a living thing. You can help improve some aspect of their education, their skills or even their health. However, one can improve their language skills.

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