Hi I'm Naisha, an Indonesian. I understand English (B1 I guess) and a little bit of Korean language. I wan to have someone to talk for at least 30 minutes but regularry so I can maintain my speaking. If you're interested to maintain your speaking skills with me, please comment with your email. We can talk by telegram or zoom ^_^

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Hi Naisha,

I'm Rian, also from Indonesia just like you.
here is my email rian.darmasusamto@gmail.com

it would be great to having chat with you.


Hey Naisha,

My name is Luana, I am Brazilian but I live in Canada. Although I live in a country where English is the first language I don't have many friends to talk to, so I would love to chit-chat with you =)

Just hit me up when you have a chance and we'll figure out a time that works for both of us. luanacyranka@icloud.com

Kind Regards,

Luana Cyranka.



I'm Vlad, from Ukraine. My English level is Upper-Int - Advanced. Would appreciate to practice English with someone regularly.




Hey naicha me too I am from algeria


Hi, I'm Tracy I'd like to practice speaking English with someone.


I'm Redarmy from Vietnam and i want to improve my english speaking skill. I'm so glad if you give me a hand. Tks in advance.


Hi, I am Golam Mostofa, from Bangladesh. I want to improve my English. Could you help me. my email is golammosto585@gmail.com


Hi Naisha, I would like to practice with you, my email is: vmedina@gmail.com


Hello. I would like to. I'm from Brazil. my email adriellycaelum@gmail.com


Hi I'm Sutharshini from Srilanka I would like to speaking English so I need your help to my English spoken improve my email I'd sutharshinisutha656@gmail.com

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