Is “I did not notice this”and “I did not know about this”and “this is new to me”and”I am just finding out about this” and ”I never knew about this”and"I didn't know about this” and "I didn't see this" and "I didn't hear about this" and "I didn't notice this”
and "I was not informed about this"and “nobody told me about this” and “I was not aware of this” and “I was not paying attention to this”and “Why did you not tell me about this”and “thanks for telling me about this” and “I had no idea about this” and “I did not know this” and “I did not see this” and “I didn’t hear this” and “this did not come to my attention” and “this was not brought to my attention” and “I was clueless about this” and “this was hidden from me” and “I was unaware about this” the same and”this is a surprise to me” and”I thought this was the case”and”I thought this was not the case”the same”and “this was a surprise to me”and “this is a surprise to me”and”I am surprised by this”the same?

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