Hello everybody,

Let me try explain what I wanting mean!
Take a look at my examples;

If I were you, I'd have bought that.
If it were a good deal, I'd have gotten it.
If She were me, She would go there.
If He wer... I believe that you already got it, Aren't you.

Thanks for all

If you see some erro in my writing, please tell me.

John pires


When you refer to the Second conditional, something in the present that is not real

In the IF CLAUSE you use I/He/She/It were ( or any other verb in the past)
In the RESULT CLAUSE , you use the noun or pronoun, then would and the base form of the main verb

If I were you, I'd buy that
If it were a good deal, I'd get it
If she were your friend, she would help you

Third Conditional

If I had been you, I'd have bought it
If it had been a good deal, I would have gotten it.

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Well you're talking about impossible conditions or imaginary events so yes that's possible, if you are writing the "proper" form to use is were, but when you're speaking you can use was or were and it's ok.


Astheart 2940
Yes, it is correct. It's called SUBJUNCTIVE. In fact, it is fully accepted and the only correct form in formal English though spoken English slowly leaves is and speakers use just Past Simple( I/he/she/it was).


Astheart 2940
Sorry for my mistypo : ...spoken slowly leaves IT ... :)


tiffy 7350


If I were you, I'd have bought that.
If it were  was a good deal, I'd have gotten it.
If she were was me, she would go there.


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