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It's a pleasure for me to write here and share something about TEFL, in this opportunity I am going to write about the use of authentic and realia material, most of the learners want to learns as fast as possible to speak English but when they start to take and English course they feel bored because the most of the teacher use boring methods, strategies and techniques to teach English, but what happening when the learners find a good environment in the class they feel motivate to learn English, They try to put attention during the whole class and they don't want to finish the class, they participate actively, they put all  their effort to get the goal, So is important that nowadays the teachers use the communicative approach but using authentic and realia materials (direct Method) and so on, but we shouldn’t forget to use music, films and dramas in class and always interact with our students, I have a little experience teaching English, first I taught at kindergarten and primary school, the at School and now I teach at Institute where the students have 90 minutes of lesson per week, so every class I have to build new vocabulary and ask them to learn the four English Skills, I see is difficult for my students but they try to do the best to learn English, they love listening and singing songs, I hope you share some experiences too, this way we can improve our Teaching Learning process and we will have better results in our students.  


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