I wonder if there is another way to say 'get well soon'? Can I say " get over your illness soon"?

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Get well quick.

I hope you are getting better.

I hope you will be better very soon.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Wishing you a fast, easy recovery.


I think you cant tell the second phrase. you can say get on well


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May you feel your usual self again in no time!!


You can wish somebody a speedy recovery, but get over your illness soon sounds too harsh for me.


OMG! I would NEVER use a greeting that contained the term 'get over your sickness' in it!.... (you might as well tell them to "get over themselves" or, tell them to "snap out of it".... they both sound tactless, harsh and uncaring too!).

How about; "I hope you have a swift recovery & start feeling like your 'old self' (or- even better) very soon"... :) 



I pray you return to full health soon.


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May you recuperate soon.

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