• First water - the finest or most exceptional quality
  • Fifth wheel - person who find themselves in a situation where their presence is unnecessary and as a result they feel useless.
  • One-horse town - This idiom is used to describe a town or village that is very small
  • Take five - take a short break.
  • Seventh heaven - to be very  happy.
  • Perfect ten - something that couldn't get any better - it is already perfect.
  • At the eleventh-hour - when something happens at the last possible moment just before the deadline or end.
  • Two's company, three's a crowd - two is the best amount of people to go somewhere - three people is too many. It is usually used when a boyfriend and girlfriend want to do something together without anyone else.
  • On the double - to do it immediately and quickly.
  • Third time lucky - Third time lucky is used when someone has failed twice to do something- it is used for good luck to encourage them.
  • All-in-one - combined, all the necessary features of something in one unit.
  • Bat a thousand - to be extremely successful at something

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