I'd like to start a free Business English website. I'll make videos, have live sessions and share resources with the viewers. What are the most important things you think I should consider concerning the content?


this is good I think you would have a lot of viewers...

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First and foremost, greetings and introductions...next...telling the time...then you may put up conversation based on certain business-like situations....pls let me know about your website as I would like to partner in my contributions too.


EmisF 180

Oh Chris that is a lovely idea! I am currently needing to improve especially my business vocabulary! I think that is the first thing you have to consider:business expressions and words. Let me know about your site!


no feedback? A shame :(


Waiting for your website, let me know Tx


Definitively an emphasis on conversational skills - simple phrases for maintaining basic communication.

Also, email correspondence skills should be in your focus.


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good idea. I need about business english exercises. I will wait. thnx

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