How can i decrease my hesitation and increase my confidence to speak in english in front of the people.

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I think the best way to you dicrease your hesitation to speaking in English is the practice. How much you speaking, better will be your fluency and lower your hesitation.

I hope has helped


there are a lots of method to decrease the hesitation of speaking may start with mixing up a few of english words when you speak... make u fluent in english, u have to think in english instead of convert your words before you speak...

good luck fren!


don't worry if you dont speak correctely and accepte correction from others be bold like me :) i know that i already made lot of wrong sentences i try to transfere information then i make it fairer step  by step :p


Practice is important as with everything. Find someone you can talk to in English so that you would feel more confident. I would also recommed this software for practicing pronunciation:

Hope this helps. :)


tiffy 7350
Practice everyday and have the confidence. If others can do it, why not you? Be motivated and don't mind what other people say. Just have the drive and will power that you will be able to speak in front of everyone.

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