I am a bit confused about using "at, in, on"

I know that "I am swimming in the river." is fine. How about "I am swimming at the river."?

"They are working on the farm" is right. How about "They are working in the farm."? or "I am studying at the library."

Would you check the grammaticality of these sentences?

Thank you.

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I am swimming at the river - this is not wrong, but it implies that you are at the river but are not swimming inside it.

They are working in the farm - this is incorrect unless the farm is a building eg. 'They are working in the farmhouse' is correct as we use the word in when talking about going inside something.

I am studying at the library - this is correct.


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Great table to understand prepositions:

alt text


In general, think of 'at' for general locations/positions eg, at home, at work, at the beach. Use 'on' when there is contact, eg, on the wall, on the table, on the floor. Use 'in' when one thing surrounds another, eg. in the kitchen, in the glass, in the city.

There are lots of exceptions.


"I am swimming at the river" IS wrong, because if you are not IN the river you cannot be swimming.


only if there is a pool right next to the river. that could work I think.


Think in and into are the same


so, when it comes to cruises, it is correct to say? at the pier? at carnival cruise terminal?  i will be on/in a cruise for about 8 days?  thanks i think maybe i have to say in a cruise but i don't know why, i mean there is contact so i should use on but ... i won't be on the cruise (i mean the cruise will be below me)


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Hello, I have got a doubt about the preposition "into". I'm reading the book "The picture of Dorian Gray", and there is a sentence that says: 1- We walked back into the house. I know this preposition is used when there is a change of state, but... does it depend on the verb? Thanks


into can be used with movement, change of position when entering a place.


the preposition "into" implies movement so the author might have used it to make the scene more vivid I think


Think in and into are the same

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