i am little bit confuse about these terms which i have mentioned in the question, plese let me now how to use in present, past and future tenses

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You will use "would" in future. When it is a possibility or a wish. Corresponds to "futuro do pretérito" in Brazil.

Ex: I would like to travel to Brazil. 

You will use "should" when you give an advice

Ex:You should to study more!

"Could" is a junction of can+would. This way, we have: poderia, conseguiria.

Ex: They could date if they weren't cousins.



We use WOULD

- in formal request like: WOULD YOU LIKE SOME CAKE?

- In conditional sentences in which its result is unlikely as: If Mary studied she WOULD pass the exam.

- In conditinal sentences in which the result is impossible as: If Mary had studied she WOULD have passed the exam.


We use SHOULD to give advice as: You SHOULD give some aspirins.

We use COULD to talk about abilities, possibilities in the past or  formal request as:

I COULD swim when I was younger

I COULD go out las night but I prefer stay at home

COULD you help please?

OBS: WOULD, SHOULD and COULD are modal verbs. They change or complete the meaning of the main verb in the sentence.


Would you like some chocolate?

If you have a cold you should go to the doctor!

Could you open the door, please?



could I use the bathroom?

I could go to your place if I finish this before 4:00

You should stay at home today, You seem so sick...

Should I use this dress?

Would you like to drink a cofee?

Would you mind take a picture of me?

I would go to the opera instead go to the cinema

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