I'm Brazilian and is really difficult to understand what i mean when i use past perfect.

Can you give examples? Thank you!

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Hi Brother :) 

I was taking look on site and saw your question :) 

Let Me Help You :) 

Firstly, to use 'Past Perfect', there must be at least 2 events in past. For example; 

''I bought a new car. '' 

There is just one event. Right? Only event in past : Bought a car. 

But , to use past perfect there must be 2 events.

For Example : 

I went to Brazil After I had gone Turkey

Look. There are 2 events in past. To go Brazil, and To Go Turkey. 

Both of this 2 events occured in past. Right? 

You must use ''past perfect'' for first event. And ''simple past'' for second event. 

For Example : 

Firstly I ate a hamburger. Then I ate a pizza. 

There are 2 events right, Brother? Yes. Which one is first?  ''To eat hamburger.''

So when we say it, we must use past perfect

I had eaten a hamburger. Then I ate a pizza''


You cant use ''past perfect'' 2 times in one sentence.

I had gone Brazil Before I had Gone Turkey (X) (FALSE)


In 2 events in past, you must use ''past perfect '' in first event. :)

I hope I could Help You, Brother :) 

Love From Turkey :) 



tiffy 7350

You use Past Perfect tense if a past action happened before another action in the past


Past Perfect = Subject + had + past participle of the verb

*past participle = usually ending -ed, -d, -t, -en, or -n
*example: dreamt, went

for example:

  • Joel had had a car before he sold it to our family.
  • I had studied Spanish before I went to Spain.

For more information about verb tenses, visit http://www.slideshare.net/stephlowe91/ielts-training-verb-tenses

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