Can we say "She is always helping me"? I know that we can say "She is always smoking" if we want to stress somebody's habit and my irritaton.

Can we use Present Continuous if we want to underline our gratitude like in the sentence "She is always helping me?"

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Yeah, swyves is right. In examples like this we are often exaggerating or complaining. This is particulary true when we use always: You're always borrowing money from me! You're making the same mistake again! or your example: She is always smoking!


adverbs of frequency (always , usually , often --------- )always follow the auxiliary verbs in a sentence


swyves 160

That sounds as though her help is annoying.


I don't think so cuz with "always" we use olbigatory the simple present.


Thats absolutely correct! I think "She is always helping me" means that she always helps you, but she is also doing it at the moment! If she isnt doing it at the moment it stays "She always helps me"


"Always" + Present Continuous in this sentence is used not to criticize, but to praise somebody and it is absolutely correct. Yet, we tend to criticize more often, that's why it seems incorrect :-)

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