when do you use at, in and on? F.e.: my niece studies in a secondary school or my niece studies at a secondary school?. Thank you everyone.

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Lou 240


I use a technique to help me remember which prepositions to use when it comes to place, and it works most of the times:

Do you mean INside? - use in

Is there cONtact? - use on

Do you mean to indicate locATion? - use at

Hope this is useful for you! :)


Josep 4650

Hi Valentin,

I would say 'I study AT [Place the school/college/University name]' For example: I study at Barcelona University (Because it is a concrete location) Instead, if you are in Barcelona you would say that: I study IN Barcelona (Because it is a big location).

AT: Time & Hours (At 8.30)

IN: Inside (The ball is in the box)

ON: Touching the surface (The ball is on the table)

Hope this helps


wadu 140

my niece studies in asecondary school


Hi! It's Mikuu! Yes, you must use: IN for places, because it's a BIG location. For example:

"I study IN Argentina"

But, you use AT for Time & Hours.


Ex: My birthday party starts AT 15.30 Pm

Hope I'll help you!! :)


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