I like to learn English. But I have difficulties in speaking, I felt nervous and I lost my vocabulary. And also, my grammar is little confusing. Would you help me? Anybody. Can you give some tips and suggestions for me?

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practice, practice and practice.

You have to speak and make mistakes to become more confident with your English and also is useful listen and imitate native speakers, try to listen podcasts or the radio.


The only way to learn is by making mistakes!!


I agree, music and movies are a very good way to improve your speaking skills, and of course, practice is also very important. You may want to check this software that teaches you pronunciation: http://saundz.com/guided-tour/

Good luck! :)


Try English Movies and songs


tiffy 7350

Don't be afraid to commit mistakes because from mistakes we can learn and improve our speaking skills more. You need to practice, practice, and practice. Practice everyday and make it a daily habbit. Read more books, watch English movies or listen to audio books. There are lots of resources you can find online - be it in Youtube or in different blogs.

Here are some to start your practice:

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