Could you explain comparative, please?

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Basic comparative structures:

  • as + Adjective + as (You are as old as I thought you would be.)
  • comparative form of Adjective + than (She's better at it than you think.)
  • different + from (My personality is different from my brother's.)
  • the same + as (Wow! You have the same bag as mine!)
  • similar + to (My hair color is similar to my mother's.

If you're only interested in comparative forms of adjectives, here are five groups that they can belong to:

  1. 'normal adjectives', e.g. cheap - cheaper, small - smaller
  2. monosyllabic adjectives with vowel + consonant ending, and where the vowel is short, e.g. big - bigger, thin - thinner
  3. adjectives with 3 or more syllables, e.g. interesting - more interesting, expensive - more expensive. be careful because there are lots of adjectives that only have 2 syllables but belong to this group (they usually have -ing/-ed endings), e.g. boring - more boring, tired - more tired
  4. adjectives that end with -y, e.g. easy - easier, healthy - healthier
  5. irregular adjectives, e.g. good - better, bad - worse, many/much - more, little - less, far - farther/further


Comparative is t used to compare two things. The two basic ways to compare are using as .. as or than. Examples of each are shown below:

  • She's twice as old as her sister.
  • He's not as stupid as he looks!


  • This computer is better than that one.
  • She's stronger at chess than I am.
  • I'm more intellegent than you.

When comparing with as .. as, the adjective does not change. When comparing with than, however, some changes are necessary, depending on the number of syllables the adjective has:

-er - My sister is much taller than me. - It's colder today than it was yesterday.

-y ---> ier - She's looking happier today. - This grammar topic is easier than the last one.

-use more with the unchanged adjective - The shops are always more crowded just before Christmas. - Is there anything more boring than reading about grammar? - My sister is more careful with her writing than I am with mine.


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