Hello everybody, I am studying now the relative clauses and subordinating clauses. I can create examples, but my problem is the punctuation.



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ahenus 11540
there are some general rules:

- when you add extra information about somebody or something and use which / who as relative pronouns, put the clause that contains these between two commas. e.g. My grandmother, who is 89, is now in a nursery home. The office, which you can see in the picture, is actually mine.

- when there's a full clause and you would like to refer to that, use which and put a comma before it. in other cases when you use which to refer to the preceding noun, do not put a comma before it. e.g. My son is constantly playing the piano, which really annoys our neighbors. My son is constantly playing the piano which he got from his grandpa.

don't put comma before that in subordinating or relative clausese because it's not necesary.


i hope i could help you a little.

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