Do you want to speak German with me? please help me..

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yes! i also want to practice my german, i'm mexican and i speak english too


sure! i leave you my skype adress it's


yeh sure, I have done 2 levels of German at Goethe Karachi, Pakistan. Lets speak/practice German. My skype is 'memonsaeed'


yes i wan to speak germany with anyperson to learn dectsch

are you agree to coperate with you to learn deutsch


It takes time to learn a new language and even more time to speak.
The things you are doing will help you, but you may always pronounce words a little differently and have an accent.
I would like to suggest the best platform to practice german by skype

its just really great!


Hey- I live in Austria - start listening to online radio- that helped me a lot in the beginning. Some stations are - OE3, Antenne Steiermark, Kronehit,(all pop) SoundPortal (more alternative stuff). Try switching Facebook into German, you already know where everything is, so you can then learn the German terms. MSN in German was a help to me...generally just exposing myself to as much German as possible. Pen pal/ exchange would be a grreat idea for you!


Viel Glueck!!


hallo an ALLE

ich kann mit Euch Deutsch sprechen




Ich mag mit Ihnen Deustch sprechen. Bitte, schreibst du eine Nachricht zu meinem email

Schönen Tag,

Beste Grüße,



Ja, ich möchte gern mein Deutsch mit Dir verbessern.

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