Seelook and watch are verbs that we use to talk about our sense of sight - using our eyes. But they have important differences in meaning. 


Note that look is followed by a preposition when there is an object. When there is no object, there is no preposition.

See can be followed by if and weatherLook and watch are not normally followed by if or whether.

Let’s see whether she is in. (NOT Let’s watch/look whether she is in.)
See if there is any food left. (NOT Look/watch if there is any food left.)



Hear is another of our senses and so accordingly it is automatic. It does not require a conscious decision.

Hear - a noise, a voice, an explosion.

  • You could hear the explosion from the next suburb.
  • Do you hear voices in the night?

Listen is an action verb and you need to make a decision to do it. You can choose if you listen to something or not. For example you can hear somebody talking but you need to listen to them to understand what they are saying.

Listen - music, a speech.

  • I can't listen to anything else you want to say. I'm so tired.
  • I didn't want to listen to the President's speech but I didn't have a choice.
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