Introducing yourself


Introductions for special occasions


  • Darf ich Ihnen . . . vorstellen?  (May I introduce you to . . .?)
  • Freut mich, Sie kennenzulernen.  (I'm pleased to meet you.)
  • Meinerseits. (my-ner-zyts) / Ganz meinerseits.  (Likewise.)


Introducing your friends

Das ist...  (This is . . .)

Das ist meine Freundin (f) / mein Freund (m)...  (This is my friend . . .)


If the introductions have been slightly more formal, you express "Nice to meet you" by saying Freut mich.  (I'm pleased.)

The person you have been introduced to might then reply Mich auch.  (Me, too.)

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