What is the difference between a lot of and lot(s) of ?

My teacher asked us this question today , but nobody could answer.

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you always need 'a' before lot of. but if you prefer using lotS of, you mustn't put 'a' before it.

in usage, there's no difference to my knowledge. you can use both before countables in their plural forms and before uncountables.


Armina 220
I think there is no difference between them/


İt became very helpfulful,thanks for making time for me  :)


tiffy 7350

a lot of /lots of and a lot

Here you can find out the difference in meaning between them and how they should be used.

a lot of / lots of

a lot of and lots of have the same meaning: they both mean a large amount or number of people or things.

They are both used before countable nouns and uncountable nouns:

with countable nouns:
A lot of people went to the game.
Lots of people went to the game.

with uncountable nouns:
A lot of snow falls in winter.
Lots of snow falls in winter.

a lot

a lot means very often or very much. It is used as an adverb. It often comes at the end of a sentence and never before a noun.

I like basketball a lot.
She's a lot happier now than she was.
I don't go there a lot anymore.

Source: http://www.ecenglish.com/learnenglish/lessons/a-lot-lots-a-lot



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