I wants to talk with native English speaker to improve english ... can any one help me

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Hi there,

I'm from Vietnam, i like to speak English as well as the new languages.

If you don't mind, we can practise by English. But one thing, i'm not native English speaker..  

I think i'm just the beginner :)


Hi, there is an application (for the phone) to talk to native English speakers.. it called "hello talk". You can download it. In this period I'm using it... and it really is helping me to improve my english!!! Annalisa


Thank you, this was very usefull


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Hello, I am currently practicing English with native speakers on Skype through http://preply.com/en/skype/english-native-speakers and I must say that the guys there present excellent quality, but I want to try another option in order to choose the best, so if anyone got information that might help I will be thankful


Yes i can help you my whatsapp no. is +919958953740

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