Anyone who wants to learn Kurdish, I can help you. Either beginners or upper level, I can teach Kurdish Kurmanji. For beginners, we will start with the alphabet and then simple sentences, and then stories. For advance levels, we can speak one by one and evaluate any academic Kurdish passage or article or book. For free of course.

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Hello. I think I might be interested. How would your lessons look like?


Hi, what is your Kurdish level? Can you please tell me about that, thank you.


Your Kurdish level please?


Hello, I would like to learn Kurdish Kurmanji. I am new to Kurdish (except for some phrases like Rojbaş, Nave min.... e, etc. )


Hi, please send me an email to




I don't know when you posted this post, but i just saw it and I'm interested in learning Kurmanji and I don't know anything. So please write me an email if you could still help.


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