An adverb of frequency is used to express how often an activity occurs. 


Frequency adverbs can be placed at various points in the sentence.

Adverbs of frequency go before the main verb:
always come to work on time.

Adverbs of frequency go after "be":
They are never pleased to see me.

Expressions of frequency (every day, twice a week, once a month etc) usually go at the end of a sentence:
I have English lessons every day.


The most common frequency adverbs in English are:

The percentages here are rough estimates only.


To say how often something happens, you can use a number or 'several' or 'many', followed by 'times:

  • Once a week/month/year
  • Twice a year/day
  •  several times a year


We can also use 'every' + period of time:

  • every morning
  • every day
  • every Tuesday
  • every week
  • every month


A day of the week with 's' at the end (for example 'on Tuesdays') means the same as 'every Tuesday':

  • I take a dance class on Wednesdays.
  • I relax on Saturdays.


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