Go – The present tense form of the verb (the action of “going” is happening NOW) 

 I will go out soon.

 Let's go fishing tomorrow.

We used to go dancing on the weekend.


Went – The past tense of this verb (the action of “going” is finished and over with) 

We went to Spain last year.

The baby  to sleep an hour ago.


Gone – The past tense form of this verb which must be used only after the words have, has, had, is, or any form of the word be. 

They have already gone to the post office.

Terry has gone for lunch. He'll be back soon.


Going – Progressive (Continuous) Forms

They are going to the airport soon.

Going to sleep is easy if you have had a hard day.


Go conjugated in all tenses

Imperative. you:  go; we:   Let´s go; you:  go.


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