All Right vs Alright

All right has multiple meanings. It can mean ok, acceptable, unhurt.

The single word spelling alright has never been accepted as standard.

Some would even argue that, through common usage, alright is becoming more acceptable than all right. The makers of TV show It'll be alright on the night are known to have considered It'll be all right on the night, but opted for the former as a more modern version.


All Together vs Altogether 

The adverb altogether means wholly, to the full extent, or with everything considered.

Examples: I left him altogether convinced that the project will end on time. 


The term all together pertains to when a group acts or is acted upon collectively. (Of note, there can be other words betweenall and together.)

Examples: I want you to sing all together.  (I want you all to sing together.)

All ready vs Already

All ready - all prepared

Example: We were all ready to leave


Alreay - prior to a specified or implied time

Example: She has already graduated


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