I'm ready to answer all of your questions from Turkey.İf you interested in speaking with foreign students,and wonder other countries,i will be happy to answer them.Also i might ask question about your country.Thanks to this conversation i believe that we can enhance(improve) our a lot of abilities.

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HI this is sai from India.I would like  to enhance my english language skills.In my working place everyone prefer to thier mother tongue.so i have chat friend to develop language skills


Hi! m from india.. i want to learn english... i love english but my english is so bad ... i need someone who can me to improve my english....


Hi everyone. I am Mira from Bulgaria. I want to improve my english because it will be a plus for me in my work and I will can to travel in all country.


Hi Mira,

It is good to see someone here again after a long time. My name is Onurkan Şimşek. I'am a third year Mechanical Engineering  student. Whenever you want to talk about something, ask or get suggestion, please do not hesitate.

If I see that you use this forum oftenly in order to get benefits of it, then I will do my best and try to check yours and the other users messages everyday so that we can stay in contact.

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