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Expressing likes:

  • I live for rock and roll.
  • I can’t get enough of for rock and roll.
  • Rock and roll is my life.
  • I'm really into rock and roll.
  • I'm keen on rock and roll.
  • I’m fond of sweets.
  • I’m crazy about music.

Expressing dislikes:

  • Classical music is not very me.
  • Classical music doesn't do anything for me
  • Classical music is not my thing.
  • I'm not into classical music.
  • I don’t mind travelling by bus.
  • I loathe my job.


A short lesson on how to express likes and dislikes in a variety of ways:



About the adverb 'really'

This adverb as we have seen is very useful in making what you say stronger. When talking about things you don't like though it can have a different meaning depending on where you put it in the sentence.

For example:
"I really don't like it!"
This means you have a strong dislike of something.


"I don't really like it."
This is not very strong. It means that you do not like something, but it is not a very strong dislike.

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