Contractions are words that are created by combining words in order to shorten them from their original form. Contractions are used when speaking and when writing in casual situations. Common contractions are words like she's and don't and can be both written (informally) and spoken.

Informal contractions often combine with the following words:

  • + to
  • + you
  • + of
  • + would have
  • miscellaneous

Informal contractions are contractions that break grammar rules and are only used in very casual speech. Two or even three words could be merged. An apostrophe is often not used.


Informal Contractions:



Informal Contractions Song:


These informal words should never be used in academic or formal writing. The only time you might write them would be in a text or email message to a friend or in a fiction piece when you are trying to convey informality in your character’s dialogue.

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