Intensifiers - words which are used to add force to the meaning of verbs, adjectives or other adverbs are called intensifiers. Intensifiers provide greater depth of meaning for the words they describe.

Words that we commonly use as intensifiers include absolutelycompletely, extremely, highly, rather, really, so, too, totally, utterly, very and at all.



I could say:

  • “The glass is full.”

Or I could be much more specific and say:

  • “The glass is very full.”
  • “The glass is so full. (Why did you pour so much water?!)”
  • “The glass is really full. (Be careful carrying it.)”
  • “The glass is pretty full. (But there’s room for more.)”


enormous, huge = very big
tiny = very small
brilliant = very clever
awful; terrible; disgusting; dreadful = very bad
certain = very sure
excellent; perfect; ideal; wonderful; splendid = very good
delicious = very tasty




Very, pretty, so, really | Intensifiers in English

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