Questions about the weather:

  • What's it like out(side)?
  • How's the weather?
  • What's the weather like?
  • What's the temperature?
  • What's the weather forecast?  (What is the weather expected to be like?)
  • Is it hot or cold?
  • Is it sunny?
  • Is it raining?
  • Beautiful day, isn’t it?

Some answers to describe weather:

  • Today it is warm and sunny out.
  • It’s so cold out there!
  • The sun is very bright today, you might want to take sunglasses.
  • It’s not raining, but it is cloudy.
  • It is! I’m so happy the sun is shining.
  • They’re saying blue skies and hot!  
  • It's freezing outside!
  • It's a bit chilly. Wrap up warm.
  • It's Arctic out there.
  • It's quite fresh - take a jumper.
  • You can see your breath in the air.
  • It's below zero.
  • It must be minus five or more.
  • It's pretty frosty today.


In English, we usually use it is when we talk about the weather.


!One common mistake learners make when talking about the weather is mixing up the noun, adjective and verb forms of weather words.


What's the weather like?
It is sun. Incorrect
It is sunny. Correct
The sun is shining. Correct


Weather Vocabulary:

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