Hi everyone, I’m Mate from Hungary. :) I want to improve my English speaking skills. I don’t speak English very well but I want to learn it. I hope I will fint a friend who talks to me every day on Skype. Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Email address: balogmate@gmail.com

Have a nice day :)

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Hello mate nice to meet you if do you want we can practice together, I'm from Colombia and I'm interest practice with you, I hope you answer


Hi Vilma, nice to meet you too. I would like to practise with you. Please, give me your Skype id or write to my email address. :)


Hello , im also interested , im from Morroco and i would love to practice .


Thanks for this page


I'm also interested in improving speaking.my email usamaijaz1008@gmail.com

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