1. A singular common noun (e.g. boy, girl, tree, country, teacher, village etc.) must have an article. A plural common noun can be used with or without an article.

2. The definite article the must be used with superlative adjectives.

3. If the noun is proper it will take no article.

4. Articles are not used with material nouns. Examples are: gold, silver, iron, wheat, rice etc.

5. The is used in measuring expressions beginning with by.

6. Do use “the” before musical instruments.                                                                            

7. Don’t use an article before common expressions of place such as “home”, “work”, “school”, “bed”, “class”, “jail”, and “prison”.                                                                    

8. Don’t use “the” before the names of companies and holidays used as nouns.                                      

9. Don’t use “the” before “breakfast”, “lunch”, or “dinner” when talking about everyday meals.

10. Don’t use “the” with a noncount or plural count noun when you are making a generalization.




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