Hello everyone!

I am a native Thai speaker and I would like to practice my English skills because My dream is being a good doctor and work in USA. Help me if you can

Thank you! 

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Hi, if you want to practice speaking, we may practice on Skype, my id is friendz791.


hj you, i come frome vietnamese,recently, i'm a junior at university of technology and education, i also want to improve my english skills, studying english is very importance to me reaching my dream,becoming a good civil engineering and everything in the future, so i hope you can contact to me at skype address: BÌNH DƯƠNG THÁI

thanks to you


Hi! I suggest you get professional help if you're in the medical field. I used to practice English on Skype at Preply.com ( http://preply.com/en/english-by-skype ). They're good at what they do. I hope this helps. Good luck!


  • Sherry Rommel M.A. Education Curriculum and Instruction

Helping dedicated non-Native English educators to improve their communication and presentation skills for better engagement with their American students.  You can contact me at freedomsfamilystudents@gmail.com.


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