If someone is trying to learn italian I can help with pleasure, just ask me your doubts. Cheers

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ciao! I am from Vietnam and interested in Italian! It's a bit difficult to approach document and course here because not many people notice italian, so i am learning alone by some channels on youtube and a book named "Barron's" from my friend. I am confused about pronunciation and grammar,...I just learnt the rule of Noun, Article, Pronoun and learning about Verb, i got trouble with Noun, could you tell me how to recognize Femminile Noun and Masculine Noun? I try to remember to put the right article before it, but just learn by heart, is there any rule?


Hi ^^ need help to translate this text into italian... I have translated around half, but I am not so sure if all of my translation is correct though. This is the text:

Her name is Lisa. She loves to ride bicycle and chat with friends. It is always her friends and family that is her highest priority.

Today is Thursday.

She walks to the school with her friends after saying goodbye to her dog. Her classmates are a bunch of nerds and noisy students. As usually the teacher uses 10 minutes to make this one student become quiet. Lisa can't believe how he is able to talk for 10 minutes without minding the death glare from the teacher. When the teacher is finally able to make the whole class silent with his death glare, he takes a long step towards his computer. Then he takes a deep breath. Both Lisa and the classmates silently watches him. After the long deep breath he yells one single word that ruins Lisa's whole day. The one word is Pop-quiz.

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