hi i have a question i want to say : when we say : " you and I " is that right ?also how about" you and me" .... can someone explain the grammar about this issue for me ? ;) thanks ......

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sahanaraj 540
"I" is a subjective pronoun.  We never use subjective pronoun at the end of a sentence.

It's always handy to split it into two different sentences.

Eg:- you go the market.            Correct

       I go the market.                 Correct

       Me go the market.             Incorrect

So "You and I" is correct.


thanks my friend ♥ i got it :)


Between you and me . "You and me" = us


The easiest way to tell if it should be "you and I" or "you and me" is to take the "you and" part out of the sentence and see if it sounds right.

For example: You and I went to London.   or    You and me went to London

Take out the "You and"     I went to London         Me went to London

"me went to London" is wrong

so it should be "You and I went to London".


of course you can end a sentence with 'I". Who is there? It us I. I am the grammarnazi of your worst nightmares.

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