can someone tell me when we use to and for?as in,to me or for me?

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"To" is used when you're assigning a direction.

"For" is used "instead of" or "the benefit of".

So, if you got a gift, you could say:

He gave a gift to me.


He brought a gift for me.

Sometimes they do not interchange so easily.  You would say, "He stood in the line for me" but never "He stood in the line to me".  And "I'm going to the store." but not "I am going for the store."

To Sentences:

Have you been to Japan?

Let's get to work.

To what degree do I set the oven?

I'll go to the movies if you want to.

For Sentences:

We are in for a surprise.

For what reason are you doing that?

I am practicing for the team.

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