- “because” , ‘as a result”and “as a consequence” are used with a verb and “because of”,”as a result of” and “as a consequence of” with a noun

- “due to” is normally used with negative situations and “thanks to with “positive situations”


  • The children survived because they received help. 
  • Because they received help, the children survived.
  • The children survived because of the help.
  • I stayed at home due to the rain.
  • Violence in films has probably caused crime to rise.
  • Intensive farming has led to many smallholders becoming unemployed.
  • The problems of air pollution affect the quality of life in many parts of the world.
  • Mass immigration has undoubtedly changed many societies.
  • One cause of this problem is a fall in educational standards.
  • One positive result of this would be better international.
  • People helped. Consequently, the children survived.
  • People helped. For this reason, the children survived.
  • People helpedas a consequence, the children survived.
  • He saw starving children, so he helped them.


Advanced Vocabulary of CAUSE and EFFECT:

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