Types of adverbs:

1. ADVERBS OF MANNER - these answer the question how?

She sings beautifully.
We ran quickly.

2. ADVERBS OF PLACE - these answer the question where?

Let's go somewhere for lunch.
He threw the ball towards me.

3. ADVERBS OF TIME - these answer the question when?

Can we talk about it later.
She was in London last year.

4. ADVERBS OF FREQUENCY - these answer the question how many times?

never wear yellow.
We play football once a week.

5. ADVERBS OF DEGREE - these answer the question to what extent?

quite understand.
We had almost reached the hut when the rain started.
I am just beginning a new course.


Adjective + -ly

Irregular forms:

If the adjective ends in -y, change -y to -i. Then add -ly:

  • happy – happily


  • shy – shyly

If the adjective ends in -le, the adverb ends in -ly:

  • terrible – terribly

If the adjective ends in -e, then add -ly:

  • safe – safely

Use of adverbs:

1. to modify verbs

The handball team played badly last Saturday.

2. to modify adjectives

It was an extremely bad match.

3. to modify adverbs

The handball team played extremely badly last Wednesday.

4. to modify quantities

There are quite a lot of people here.

5. to modify sentences

Unfortunately, the flight to Dallas had been cancelled.




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